Tagasi Ate liige

Terad, kaunviljad ja sool on happetootjad, puuviljad ja köögiviljad aga aluselised. Tervislikud õlid nagu oliiv, pähkel, linaseemned, kookos või avokaado. EXPO maailmanäitus kuus aastat tagasi muutis Lissaboni tõeliseks ehitustandriks ning metropol sai juurde mitmeid uusi sildu, metrooliine, kaubanduskeskusi ja kõrghooneid. Meist igaühele on kindlasti tuntud sellised nimed nagu Diego Cão, kes leidis tee Kongosse ja uuris Rimon and Karl were few doors from us.

Rome, The city of dreams Our journey started at 6. After 4 and half hours Tagasi Ate liige the train we finnaly arrived to Rome. It was like 27 degreeds or something and we were all wearing jeans, so it was Really hot.

My shoulders are still hurting btw. The first place where we went was Colosseum.

Vita in Torino — Hello fall!

It was huge, like really huge. We also got a picture with gladiators, they were really friendly. After that we went to see the old ruins of Rome.

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We walked there about 1 hour and half I think. But it was worth it. Then we visited the famous fountain, Trevi fountain.

It was amazing, we also sat there a while and ate ice-cream. Then we moved to Spanish steps and also sat there, because by that time we were tired.

Ave-Triin E.

The last place where we went was Vatikan. It was Amazing.

Tagasi Ate liige

It was so pretty and so big. Like 1 km i think.

Tagasi Ate liige

So we just sat on the ground and ate our food. Chips and Coca, normal travellers food. Then we moved to our hotel with metro and bus.

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Our hotel was big, and I was sharing a room with Suurenda liiget and Melani.

Rimon and Karl were few doors from us. We had like an hour to get Tagasi Ate liige ready and go to the meeting. After that we went to shop to buy something to eat in the train and then we had dinner, pasta. What a surprise.

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In the evening we found out that one balcony below us were 3 estonian girls, and a boy. So we talked with them in the balcony and also Rimon and Karl came to our place and we had lots and lots of fun.

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We also met with outher exchange students from Sweden, Lativa aso. In the morning we had breakast at 8 and at 9. We were all in different groups. In my group there was a boy from sweden, girls from Latvia, a girl from Estonia aso.

Tagasi Ate liige

But I have to say, many people in that meeting are staying in Sicily. Like half of them I think.

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In the meeting we introduced ourselves and talked about what did we take with us to Italy. Like patience aso. Then we had breakfast, Pasta and an hour break. We sat next to the pool because it was really hot.

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Then our meeting went on, many people already left so there were only 10 people left in my group. We talked about situaions we have had in here and also the person who was with our group. Like narraor or however to call her, was really nice and lovely.

Later we had to act a little bit.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

I was with two latvians, a boy from sweden and also a girls from sweden. We Mote suuremad liikmed to act a situations that has happened to us while staying here, and we decided to the boys problem. I am not gonna tell this in here, it would be too long. Later when the meeting was over we left and went to the train station.


And our journey back started. I am sure I will go back to Rome again, because it was Tagasi Ate liige pretty and it was impossible to not fall in love with that city.