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I have been advocating an end to the practice of changing Tunne liige clock twice a year for a long time. This practice was established in the US years ago to maximise the light period of the day. For many people changing the clocks brings severe psychological suffering, causing sleeping troubles, constant tiredness and distress for several days, or even weeks.

Not to mention the practical nuisance of changing the clocks: even Tunne liige most of our devices are digital and change the time automatically, we still need to check whether we are in the real time and not the old time.

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Therefore, I very much welcome the adoption of this report and an early end to changing the clocks, namely on 1 Aprilwhen the directive will enter into force. Bringing corruption under control should be one of our main concerns.

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Corruption, money laundering and tax evasion do not only Meeste liige suum European economic coherence, they also pose Tunne liige threat to our societies, our security. The bloody Russian money being white-washed through European banks, or oligarchs purchasing EU passports, and insufficient exchange between national tax authorities is paralysing thorough investigations. For a European financial police within the framework of Europol with own investigatory capacities, this clearly presumes extended and deepened cooperation and exchange between national tax authorities and respective law authorities.

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I do also think we should name and shame the Member States. Their practices harm us all, and this has to stop. This is also showing European citizens that we take corruption seriously and we do aim to fight it to the bone.

I am especially pleased that Parliament approved the funding for the defence purposes, namely military mobility. Another crucial aspect that the vote changed concerns transferring from the Cohesion Fund to the CEF which will help to realise EU added-value major infrastructure projects that Member States alone would not undertake from their normal Structural Funds.

Using the Cohesion Fund transfer through the CEF by Tunne liige of direct management by the Commission will guarantee the better use of EU funds, making sure that the funds are given to the best and most mature projects.

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To further guarantee the realisation of the TEN-T network by and finalise Tunne liige major EU added-value cross-border projects and missing links, the Cohesion Fund transfer should be distributed based on the certain degree of competitiveness as proposed by the Commission and reintroduced by Amendment 2. This competitive approach is further helping with good management of EU funds.

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