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Select our Punjabi Turban catalogue and make your choice among various Punjabi Turban patterns designs. The more frequently that AutoRecover saves files information, the more complete recovery can be after a failure.

Change the default file format that files are saved in You can change the file format that Office for Mac always saves documents in.

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For example, if you usually share documents with other people who use an earlier version of Office for Mac, you might want to always save documents in the file format that is used in that version. In Word and PowerPoint: Open any file or create a new file.

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Click Options, and then on the Save [Program] files as pop-up menu, click the file format that you want. In Excel: Open any file or create a new file.

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On the Excel menu, click Preferences. Under Sharing and Privacy, click Compatibility.

Mekemson, C; Glantz, S Methods: Review of previously secret tobacco industry documents available on the internet. Results: Both the entertainment and tobacco industries recognised the high value of promotion of tobacco through entertainment media. RJR and Philip Morris also worked to place products on television at the beginning of the decade. Each company hired aggressive product placement firms to represent its interests in Hollywood.

Under Transition, on the Save files in this format pop-up menu, click the file format that you want. If you want to change the default file format to work with Office for Mac or earlier, click Excel Workbook.

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Save a file as a webpage Word and Excel only You can save a file as a webpage, which converts the file into a file format that's readable by web browsers. However, the results of the conversion depend on the kind of content in your file.

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Office for Mac converts the file's formatting to the closest equivalent web formatting. Therefore, the webpage might look very different from the original file.

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For example, many text effects, such as animated, embossed, or outlined text, become plain or shaded text. Note: We recommend that you preview the file in a web browser to make sure that the results are what you want.

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To do this, on the File menu, click Web Page Preview. On the File menu, click Save as Web Page.

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Save a file as plain text Word only You can save a document as plain text so that the document can be opened by a number of text editing programs. However, saving a document in plain text does not reliably preserve the formatting, layout, or other features of the document.

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At least one of the companies, RJR, undertook an extensive campaign to hook Hollywood on tobacco by providing free cigarettes to actors on a monthly basis. Efforts were also made to place favourable articles relating to product use by actors in national print media and to encourage professional photographers to take pictures of actors smoking specific brands.

The cigar industry started developing connections with the entertainment industry beginning in the s and paid product placements were made in both movies and on television.

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This effort did not always require money payments from the tobacco industry to the entertainment industry, suggesting that simply looking for cash payoffs may miss other important ties between the tobacco and entertainment industries. Conclusions: The tobacco industry understood the value of placing and encouraging tobacco use in films, and how to do it.

On the File menu, click Save As. In the Save As box, type a name for the file. On the Format pop-up menu, make sure Word Document. Click Save. Save a file in the Office for Mac file format Important: Some items that were created by using features in Office for Mac might behave differently when the document is saved in the file format that is used by Office for Mac or earlier.

While the industry claims to have ended this practice, smoking in motion pictures increased throughout the s and remains a public health problem. PMID Science.